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Our Mission

We are a family-owned business that's main purpose is to improve pool safety for the families of our community.


We're here to help keep children, grand-children, and pets safe from accidental drownings through promotion and installation of removable mesh pool barriers.  

Our Story

We discovered removable mesh fencing systems when researching ways to keep our two boys and bulldog safe around our pool. Though our 6 year old could swim, our toddler and our dog definitely could not. Realizing that mesh fencing systems are a more practical solution than pool covers, we sought out an installer in our area. After several unsuccessful attempts to connect with a local dealer, we reached out to manufacturers directly.

We compared several pool fencing manufacturers, landing on Guardian's systems due to the strength of the design, quality of the materials, patented climb resistant gates, and range of product lines. After installing the systems and spending time at the So. Cal. factory, we are glad to have chosen Guardian Pool Fence Systems as the manufacturer to represent. 


Thanks for reading. Please reach out with questions or contact us to schedule a quote. We promise to be responsive. 

- Mohave Pool Fence

Pool Fence Install

Looking for pool cleaning, maintenance, or repairs? We do that too. Call us, or for more info check us out at

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